The Winter Folk
(2016-19) A feature length experimental documentary about a winter in the Yukon town of Dawson City. Environmental, philosophical and social issues emerged during production that centred on the river that runs between Dawson and West Dawson.
Currently in Post-Production.
why I hate the suburbs
(2018, Digital, 12m) This autobiographical short film attempts to connect the practices of painting and documentary work, framed within a critical theory discussion. The result is a self-portrait of the artist that is fleeting, vulnerable and, perhaps, vindicating.
The Keno City Music Festival
(2018, 17m) Forces converge to launch a music festival in the tiny and remote mining community of Keno City, Yukon, in this experimental documentary.
news from the future
(2017, 3m) Concerned with the idea of anthropocene as not only a physical environmental manifestation but a psychosomatic post-reality, this work is framed as a news transmission from the future with an ambiguous message. Is this communication from a Dystopian or Utopian future? Or is it fake news from the present—or maybe a malfunction?
Warning: strobe effects
A Spark in the Dark: Tinder Users in the North
(2016, 16m) An artistic dialogue with three local participants that reveals touching and humorous insights about life in the far north. Themes of isolation and hope emerge, illustrating a singular community with a peculiar relationship with love and social media.
The Grand Journey Here
(2016, 8m) An autobiographical narrative that explores the emotional and philosophical texture of inner landscape and location, this experimental documentary is a collage of time lapses, animation and stream of consciousness poetry.
This short film took 100's of hours, several thousand miles and over two years to complete.
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